Flights to Lombok: What to Know about the Arrangement

So, how do you manage flights to Lombok, provided that you want to visit the area? Today’s transportation to Lombok has more options than before so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get the flights that you want. However, you should also remember that Lombok may not be as popular as Bali so it is possible that there are some flights that you won’t be able to find. If there are, it is also possible that their numbers are pretty limited – for instance, they only fly once a day. Make sure that you know the details of the flights before making the booking.

Lombok may have the hidden gem in the world of tourism, but there is some detailed requirements and management that they need to resolve if they want to be as popular as Bali. In case you don’t know it, here are some facts about flights to Lombok that you should know before making the booking.

  • Consider yourself lucky if you are traveling to Lombok from other areas in Indonesia. Some of the biggest cities have a direct flight channel that connects them to Lombok international airport. Let’s say that you are traveling from Jakarta or Surabaya, they have the direct flight so you don’t need to make any transit or whatsoever. In the past, though, this option wasn’t always available. In most cases, people had to travel to Bali first and then proceeded to Lombok. It is a good thing that such a thing has changed.
  • It is going to be a little tricky and problematic if you are traveling from abroad. Let’s say that you are traveling from Singapore, finding the direct flights to Lombok from Singapore will be difficult. In most cases, the flight airlines will direct you to the other big cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya or Jakarta, and then you can use the next flight to Lombok from those cities. Or if you are planning to come to Bali first, there are direct flights from Singapore to Bali. You can spend some times there before moving to Lombok with various alternative transportations.
  • If you are planning to explore the eastern side of Indonesia a bit, it doesn’t hurt to have a continuous flight schedules. Let’s say that your itinerary includes Bali, Lombok, and probably some areas in Sulawesi. You can always travel to Sulawesi first, before moving to Bali, and then Lombok. Or you can manage it to be Bali first, followed by Lombok and then Sulawesi. This arrangement is pretty straightforward and less complicated.


In the end, it is up to you to manage which flights to use and how you want to reach the place. Make sure that the flights are available all day long. If you happen to choose a particular flight that is only available once a day, be sure to know the details of the schedule – you don’t want to miss it out. Traveling to Lombok can be super fun and exciting as long as you plan it well and carefully.

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